We donate to every charity that asks us

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The Wild & Precious ‘in-house’ charity is Room to Read (, to which we donate 1% of our annual sales. We chose to support an education charity because we believe positive change in the world can only be achieved when people can read and write and one-in-four of the world’s adults are, in fact, illiterate. If you can’t read and write you will always be vulnerable to exploitation and you won’t know how to look after your own health, work your way out of poverty or protect the environment. Democracy and equality demand literacy. Room to Read has taught over 11 million children to read since 2000 and we like the fact that it focuses on educating girls (educate a girl and you educate a whole family). It is as lean as it is effective, which echoes our own philosophy.

We never turn away any charity that approaches us for a donation in kind (for example, a box of products to raffle). Please contact us direct for more information.