Transparent and fair delivery charges

In a world where most online businesses offer free delivery, we have taken a different – we believe, fairer and more transparent – approach, by charging for shipping.

Why? Our products are made entirely by hand using the highest possible quality of ingredients (in other words, certified-organic and wild harvested ingredients from artisan producers using sustainable farming methods). Yet, although our costs are unusually high, we want our range to be affordable. For example, you will find other natural (though not as good in our opinion) underarm deodorants on the market for €25, whereas ours are both just €9 each. Even if you purchased 10 of our underarm deodorants we wouldn’t make enough profit to offer you free shipping.  

To give you a better feel for our pricing strategy, we generally double or treble our ingredient prices to arrive at our retail price. Out of the difference between the ingredient cost and the final price we have to pay for labour, packaging, our premises, insurance, organic certification, buying trips (many of our ingredients are difficult to find and we are trying to build up relationships with growers) and so forth. Most manufacturers of skincare and toiletry products, incidentally, multiply their ingredient prices by 20 times to arrive at the retail price, some by even more.

We know that if one of our customers is placing a small order the delivery charge can appear disproportionately high and we regret it. On the other hand, if we were to offer free shipping then we would have substantially increase our prices and this goes against what we believe in.