A tale of two deodorants

Why do we offer two deodorants? And why is our stick deodorant – well – sticky? You would think that creating a natural underarm deodorant would be pretty simple, but it is actually quite complicated. There aren’t that many ingredients capable of doing the job, which don’t also pose a health risk. Plus, whether a deodorant (natural or otherwise) works, will be greatly influenced by individual body chemistry (this, in turn, is influenced by age, gender, hormone fluctuations, diet, health and a dozen other factors). Wild & Precious Deodorant 01 is our first answer to the problem. It is handmade using certified organic Shea Butter, Lime, Lemon, Rosemary and Cypress essential oils and it comes in a push-up container. Producing it is a surprisingly tricky business that requires accurate timing and a steady hand. First, we have to heat the beeswax and also the butters before gently stirring in the other ingredients. Then we have to pour it into the containers before it sets. When we get it wrong – as occasionally happens – we sometimes indulge in a few ancient, artisanal swear words. If it is left in a warm spot it can become a little sticky, in which case we recommend popping it in the fridge. We have found that it works for the majority of users. If, however, it doesn’t work for you – or if you prefer a roll on - then you may like to try Wild & Precious Deodorant 02.